no gurus – 0024

Don’t walk the path dictated by fools

Push through the foliage that graces your shoulders

Define what your life means for you

Run from the gurus and educators

Find the answers that pulse through your body

Avoid confusion, needless complexity

Grow and simplify

our thoughts – 0023

I am unable to decipher the way you look at me.

The hidden meaning within the fold of your lips.

I want to stop writing for the possibility of these words falling naked before your eyes.

Leaving nothing for you to decipher.

Only a stagnation in the air void of imagination and anticipation.

I want to be a part of the thoughts confined in the fortress of your mind.

Yet I need to appreciate that they are not mine to witness.

As my thoughts are not for you

interlaken – 0021

High above the town

The air is thin

Growing thinner

We glide like birds

Searching for the air that rises

To take us higher

To where the mountain peaks converse

The Eiger greets us with respect

Below the great lakes intersect

Although they haven’t met

We rise and rise

Above the Jungfrau

The mountains cease

Giving way to a collage of peaks

A dreamy landscape

Few will behold

We glide like birds

But we’re only human

With a destiny to find the ground once more

apricot tree – 0019

The fire hidden within

Reaches out beyond the known

Searching the empty fields

For the apricot that

Weighs down upon dying branches

I walk the earth

Through the burning landscapes

Hot and cold

All I find is death

Rotting fruits

Rotting trees



I return to where I began

Where my first memories arose

To the garden

Where I lay


If only I had watered my

Apricot tree