in the shadows of my life – 0036

You’re the white space in every poem i never finished

You’re the last sip of wine when I was too drunk for another

You’re sat on the bus that I run after but never caught

You’re in the stars, seen from a continent I have never travelled to

You’re the book on the shelf I have never read

You’re the spice on the shelf that I have never used

You’re the rthe holiday that I never booked

The friend I never knew

The painting that I never finished

You’re in every sentence I write

Between the spaces creating meaning from a string of letters

You’re face is described in the lyrics of every song I never listened to

You’re life in every film I never watched

I know you’re there

In the shadows

I feel you

But I don’t think I’m ready to know you yet

You’re every word that I don’t yet know the meaning to

Every tree I never had the courage to plant

Every match that I said was too damp because I was scared to see the flame

Every light I never turned on because I found comfort in the dark

Every light I never turned on because I was too shy to see your face

Too shy to see a smile in my direction

So I keep you unknown

Like the bar I never drank in

Like the train that departed before I reached the platform

Like the party I could never attend

And like the poem that I could never finished

I need you now, so this is poem that I have given a conclusion to

I smile back to the girl that always smiled at me

The girl I used to keep hidden in the shadows of my life

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