51 lessons from 3 months in India

1. Everything happens for a reason

2. Theres always a lesson in failure

3. The world is full of opportunitys

4. Western countries have it so much easier

5. You don’t need money to be happy

6. Be your authentic self

7. Capitalism is everywhere

8. It’s important to learn a second language

9. Everyone is inherently good, just bad circumstances

10. The expensive option isn’t always the best

11. Local business have an added value

12. Some people are their to put you on the right path, listen to them

13. Fall in love with a person’s mind as well as their beauty

14. Life is long, if you know how to use it

15. Everyone likes different things

16. Don’t make everything about you, because it’s not about you

17. It’s how you react to the things that happen to you that matters

18. Don’t hide you feelings

19. Jealousy is the worst fear

20. Yoga is important for the body and mind

21. You can learn so much from books but true knowledge comes from experience

22. You always have a choice

23. Over promise and over delivery

24. Be respectful to everyone

25. Be confident yet humble

26. Don’t change yourself to please anyone

27. Be spontaneous, that’s when the best things happen

28. The earth is so diverse

29. Don’t speak too much

30. You don’t always have to be right

31. Trust has to be earned, but give the opportunity for it

32. If it sounds to good to be true, take a chance what the worst that could happen

33. Money is only perceived as real

34. Never leave a friend on a sour note

35. Goodbyes get easier

36. Theres always more to see, know when to move on

37. When in Rome do as the romans do

38. The news is bullshit

39. Don’t waste time on pointless tasks

40. Social media mostly bullshit

41. Most things can be fixed

42. Don’t expect anything to be give free

43. A group of friends with similar ideas and interests is special

44. Do what you fear, then you know your on the right path

45. Pray for rain but don’t neglect to water your seeds

46. Every meal doesn’t have to be tastier then the one before, eat for health

47. Returning is harder than leaving

48. Everything from your past is part of you

49. You can learn something from everyone you meet

50. The universe will give you signs follow them

51. Trying to get rid of your ego is the biggest ego trip there is

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