evolve or be captured 1.9

I always find myself at the crossroads. Every day I am confronted with choices, regardless of how conceivably insignificant, the decision I make changes me. With every choice, I am choosing which door to step through, the world rendering in front of me with the paradigm I select. We are the choices we make and nothing more. I can either evolve at a small level at each cross roads I confront or wander towards the cage.

The idea of the divine individual has been sitting stubbornly on the frame of my mind. To as a human walk away from everything that anyone could use to define you and to become who you really are. All groups, political parties, brands, everything that sticks onto you throughout life, that starves you of energy, dictates your purpose and places you in conflict with opposing ideas and systems. The ‘age of the individual’ coincided with the ‘age of materialism’ the only way we knew how to express ourselves was by our clothing and lifestyles. Companies sold us the idea of individuality, then we looked around and noticed that everyone else had bought it too. So were returned to the crowd.  If we try to become individuals by adding layers, then we will always return to the group and to the dogma. We need to remove the facades and everything that is not necessary to glimpse at who were really are, then live for our truth. We follow football teams, religions, political ideas, celebrities, nationalities to feel part of something, we can’t spend ten minutes alone with ourselves, away from distractions. The distractions will capture you, keep you comfortable but never fulfilled.

Each day is an opportunity to simplify. Make the best choices you can at every crossroads. Don’t blindly follow a path because that’s what you were taught or are comfortable with, evil atrocities have been committed by societies following paths with a concealed degradant. You need to forge your own path.

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