night shadows – 0029

Sleep escapes me for another night 

The comfort of a forgetful dream will not visit me

My tired eyes wander across my tired walls

A feeling of unease arises about my surroundings

Maybe it’s too familiar, an ounce of mystery would be welcome here 

The silent glow of the moon begins to wisper to me before a short lament   

Telling me to let go, before he must go

Leaving me alone with the darkness that stirs until morning 

The distant church chimes gather in greater number with every hour that passes 

A reminder to me of the hours I shouldn’t be witnessing

Hours not meant for men like me

When the shadows no longer need to hide 

They walk around unwatched, expressing sounds of pride 

My mind is restless, counting the thoughts of yesterday, the endless conversations and repeated situations 

All my sheep have been accounted for, no more for me to ponder

The close of day and the close of night merge as one  

Without the seperation I’ve come to expect, the binary of one’s and zeros 

No juxtaposition 

There’s no duality for me to see

Just the gradual ease with which the sun turns the sky red

In anticipation of the expectant blue to take her rightful place 

She waits beside the sun for the shadows to reappear 

Back into sight for the early wanderers to see

A close friend to walk alongside them 

To follow them closely down the road, as they make their way to work 

A loyal friend returning from the forgiving night, that granted a pass

When they could roam without the watchful eye, that allows for the sky

The clocks chime once more 

Seven are counted in succession 

Which means I must rise 

Like the sun that has gone before me this morning 

Knowing now I can watch the shadows in safety

They dance around me

Masking their pain 

As for this day they are no longer free 

Tide down to the wanderers and the solitary buildings without opportunity to flee

The day is now too bright to reminisce of the nights when God grants them a key 

To unlock the chains that hold them be

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